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2008-04-07 06:11:10 by resiak666

My animation company 'tragic-happiness co.' have released our first two animations. They are episodes one and two in the 'do it for charity' series. Episode three is under production and the whole series will hopefully be here for you all to watch. If they get blammed, feel free to just visit for any episodes that aren't on here.

Here is a brief over view of the series:

Animation is crap! It is intended to be simple and dodgy (kinda like south park) so ppl pls stop telling us the animation needs to be better.
The humour is random, it takes five minutes to write and very few punchlines are thrown in. Random stuff happens to our depressive main character Oswald. His friends are the cause of his depression, as you will see. I like to think if you took family guy and removed the plot and just kept the random flashbacks, it would be somewhat close to the humour of this series.
We are doing all of season one, even if it is not liked (8 episodes) and if we get good feedback, perhaps a second season and more.

Keep an eye, new episodes will be dropped almost weekly.


ps. Tragic happiness is designed to make shit animations with good humor to make you all feel special, and just as good as us. When in fact, we are better. Much better. Superior in everyway. WE WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD!


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2008-04-07 06:28:17

You should really get icons for them.

resiak666 responds:

Just completed them.
Now it looks a little more professional, lol.
Thanks for the heads up.


2008-04-09 07:40:46

are all your characters canadian or something? soz i've been whatching southpark...

resiak666 responds:

haha. Nah but when we drew them up, we realized they looked like the canadians off of southpark. It was more just to keep it simple.
Keep watching.
Episode 4 out in the next few days.


2008-04-09 15:35:27

this is pretty cool. i look forward to more

resiak666 responds:

Thanks. Episode 4 be done tomoro night.